Auckland Flooding 2023

We are a registered insurance provider for State Insurance and accept WINZ quotes.

 State Insurance Claims accepted at Simply Beds WINZ quotes are available at Simply Beds


Like the rest of Auckland we are thinking of those in our community who have experienced loss and damage to their properties due to the recent floods.

We are very fortunate that our shop was not affected which means we do have some stock available to take immediately and also able to work with our local Auckland manufacturer to get stock made and out to those in need as quickly as possible.

We are a registered insurance provider for State Insurance and also able to accept WINZ quotes.

If you are in need of a replacement bed/mattress we would recommend you call or come in and see David and Vik so we can help match you with the best option for you quickly.

We do have our van that we can do local deliveries in to help get you a bed ASAP. Call us on 09 849 7504.

Please also be aware if you have a bed that has sustained flood damage it will not be able to be used and needs to be disposed of.

Often with flooding there is sewerage mixed in with the water, you risk getting incredibly sick if your mattress has been exposed to contaminated water.

Even if your mattress wasn’t contaminated by sewage, once a mattress has been thoroughly wet, mold grows deep within it. This mold is harmful especially to people who suffer from allergies. The only safe thing to do is throw it out.

Disposal of flood damaged property has been set up. Check the link below on how to get rid of and who to notify if you have flood damaged property.

Checkout Storm Clean-up Assistance for help on storm related issues.